The 5 Most Common Hair Mistakes and How to Solve Them – Hairdresser Orpington

In wanting to have luxuriously shiny and healthy hair, people unknowingly create more problems due to misconceptions on the proper way to care for our hair.

So let us set the record straight and give you some tips on how to get the hair that others will envy.

Mistake #1 – Using Conditioner ONLY On The Ends Of Your Hair

Most women think that conditioner should be applied on the lower half of their hair because it “weighs it down.” It should be applied from the root to end. Comb through your locks well to ensure that every strand gets its share. Let ALL of your hair enjoy the benefit of your conditioner. And for greater results, choose a conditioner that is right for your hair texture.

Mistake #2 – Rough Towel Drying

You’re running late and you want your hair dry and styled before you’re out the door, so you’re rubbing your hair wildly. This doesn’t speed up the drying time, and it will even cause damage to your hair. Instead, spritz a detangling spray all over. Then squeeze out water with paper towels. Your hair will be easier to comb and the paper towel will help keep the cuticle of the hair smooth!

Mistake #3 – Tearing Through Knots With A Brush

An absolute no-no. When you’re in a hurry, you grab a brush and quickly tear through the knots. The is the worst possible idea! The proper way to do this is to start from the bottom up to loosen knots. The best trick to prevent knot-prone hair? Use a daily leave-in conditioner.

Mistake #4 – Not Using A Heat Protective Styling Product

Hot tools can cause serious damage. It can cause breakage and make your hair feel dry and brittle. Insulate and protect your hair! With all the heat that is applied to your hair, this is an absolute MUST. Using a heat protecting spray before you style your hair gives the protection it needs and deserves.

Mistake #5 – Skipping Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment

if you are not using conditioner daily, this one is crucial. Deep conditioning helps to fill in damaged and porous areas of your hair. It also repairs roughed up patches of hair and instantly strengthen and soften you hair.

See, it’s not that hard to have beautiful hair.

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