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We offer a safe environment for your piercing, with fully trained staff and comprehensive aftercare advice.

We’re the experts, so please talk to us about any concerns you may have.


Includes earrings, piercing and
aftercare solution from

  • Diamond

  • Titanium

  • White Gold

  • Gold

  • Cartilage

  • Baby ear piercing (up to 24 months old)

Piercing is available at both salons

“Subject to complete immunization. Proof will be requested”

We offer a specialized ear-piercing service for children. Ear-piercing is a common practice in many cultures, and parents often seek professional services to ensure the process is safe and hygienic for their children.

The decision to pierce a child's ears is a personal one, and it's important to consider your child's comfort, preferences, and maturity level. Additionally, consulting with a paediatrician or healthcare professional can provide valuable insights and guidance for your child's specific needs.

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Meet the experts for your ear piercing experience

We are delighted to offer a professional safe and gentle piercing service with a beautiful range of the finest quality earrings.
Choice of Diamond, 9ct Gold and Titanium earrings to choose from.
All piercing services include earrings, piercing and aftercare
Baby piercing available, (proof of full immunisation required)
Specialist piercing for ear lobes and cartilage areas