Our top Trade Secrets to keep your hair looking great through the lockdown

Are you worried about what your hair is going to look like by the time the lockdown ends? Desperately want to give it some TLC but not sure how without paying a visit to your local hairdresser? Well, we’re here to help by revealing our Trade Secrets as professional hairdressers in Orpington. 

Before we crack on with our 4 top tips, the lockdown isn’t all bad news for your hair. It’s actually a chance to take a break from any chemical applications or colouring and give your hair some love. We’ll take you through exactly how to do it without needing to buy a bunch of new hair products. So let’s get started. 

1) Give your hair an all-natural, deep condition

The first step is to whip up our super-easy but super-effective natural hair masque. Take a scoop of mashed avocado, a scoop of coconut oil and any hair conditioner. Mix everything together to create a thick moisturising masque. It’s perfect for transforming dry, lifeless hair into glossy, shiny hair. 

All you need to do is apply it 1–2 times every week and leave it on for 30–60 minutes each time. Pop it on while you work, cook or tick off all those other things on your to-do list. 

2) Don’t cut it, style it

Don’t be tempted to do a DIY home haircut. Hairstylists spend a minimum of 3 years to get good enough to cut your hair. Yes, it can be frustrating to go without a haircut as the lockdown stretches on for weeks but you don’t have to endure countless bad hair days. Instead, try styling your hair differently as it grows out. Plait it, curl it, straighten it, go with a classic pony, there are countless options. 

But remember, always apply a heat protection spray before you start using your hairdryer or irons. 

3) Don’t dye it, cover it

We’ve lost count of the number of home hair colouring disasters we’ve seen walk in through our doors. It can take us hours to correct a dye job that went wrong at home. The longer it takes, the more it costs you. That’s bad enough but during the lockdown, you won’t even have the option of having a professional fix your dye disaster, you’ll have to wait for it to grow out. So what are you meant to do if your dyed hair is growing out? Try covering up your roots with WoW Root Cover Up. It’s only £28.50 plus postage and you can use your WoW kit on your eyebrows too to add temporary definition.

4) Ask the professionals

Not sure what to do to get your hair looking great during the lockdown? Then ask us as part of our Challenge McQueen service. Send us your questions and photos of your hair, tell us what hair products you use and we’ll offer you our professional advice on your hair care routine. Get in touch by sending us an email at [email protected].

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