The Flat Iron – The Styling Tool That Can Make Or Break Your Curly Hair – Hairdresser Orpington

Choosing the right flat iron to transform curly locks into smooth, straight locks is serious business! Curly hair dries out more easily than other hair types because the oil doesn’t travel all the way down the strands.

Which is why the right flat iron is extremely important for your delicate locks. Curly locks must have high heat to straighten it, usually 400 degrees for sleek tresses.

But there’s a catch.

Temperatures that high can easily burn your hair. In choosing a flat iron, go only for the ceramic ones. They produce heat that is safe and efficient for curls.

Also, make sure that it has multiple temperature settings for more styling control.

Ceramic flat irons also produces a gentle, moist heat that locks in moisture and seal hair cuticles for healthier styling.

Only professional ceramic flat irons produce sleek, shiny results. Don’t even think about getting a flat iron unless you go pro! Cheaper models will do your curls more harm than good. It’s that important.

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