Our 4-step routine to rehydrate your skin

Winter is tough on your skin. A British Spring isn’t much better. It isn’t just the harsh effects of the cold wind blasting against your face, it’s also the drop in humidity. With less moisture in the air, the water in your skin evaporates faster. The result: dry, tight, flaky skin. 

With summer sun around the corner, now is the time to rehydrate your skin. With lockdown in force, you can’t pop in to see us for an indulgent facial treatment so we thought we’d share a great facial routine for you to practice at home in just 4 easy steps: 

Step 1

Start with a double cleanse. There are lots of different types of cleansers you can try to find the one that works best for your skin: gels, creams, foams, clay cleansers, cleansing oils and more recently, micellar waters.  

Step 2 

Follow this up with exfoliation, either using a physical exfoliator, a face scrub with rough grains in it which buff away dead skin cells, or a chemical exfoliator, a lotion that uses chemicals to dissolve away dead skins cells. This step will allow facial serums and masks to better penetrate your skin.

Step 3

Next, apply a facial toner to remove excess oil and dirt and restore the pH balance to your skin. 

Step 4

Apply an oil serum to moisturise your face and on top of this apply your face mask. You can easily put together an effective homemade face mask using  2 spoons of olive oil mixed with mashed avocado. Leave your mask on for at least 10 minutes. Then remove it and continue with your usual facial routine or apply make-up. 

If you’d like to give the skin around your eyes some extra attention, place 2 used tea bags, either warm or chilled in the fridge, on each closed eye and leave them there for 15–30 minutes. This will boost the circulation around your eyes, brighten those dark circles and reduce puffiness. 

Keep up with this routine every day to enjoy the greatest benefit and your skin will soon be feeling healthier and better hydrated, in time for the summer sun. And when the lockdown lifts, pop in to see us for an extra boost with our rejuvenating facials.

Our 4-step routine to rehydrate your skin

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