Managing Damaged Hair – Hairdresser Orpington

Rough treatment, the weather, pollution, and daily abuse with curling irons, flat irons and blow dryers are some of the reasons that cause hair to become damaged.

So change your hair from damaged to healthy by following our tips

Shampoo – Repairing damaged hair can take some time. In the interim, choose a shampoo that is gentle, designed to treat damaged hair and make it appear healthier.

However, shampooing can make your hair drier. So shampoo once or twice a week at most. Your stylist will need to do monthly trims to remove the damage.

Conditioner – Use a light leave-in conditioner to help minimize the unattractive appearance of dry hair. Also, deep condition once a week.

Style – Talk to your stylist about a haircut that can minimize the appearance of the damage while you’re growing healthier locks. Steer clear of colouring, perms, and relaxers during this time. If the damage is severe, you might want to consider a short cut. Once the damage grows out, you can grow healthier, longer hair.

Don’t Make It Worse! Please, please! Do not make matters worse by trying to solve the problem yourself. We love do-it-yourself projects, just not with your hair.

Believe us when we say that we’ve seen all kinds of damage through the years. Don’t go there!

We can give you excellent products and treatments to get you and your hair on the road to bouncy.