All About Omniblonde

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A Shared Love For Blonde Hair.

A shared love for blonde hair and styling, led best friends Anette and Lene to create their dream hair products, so they can share it with other women - truly made by blondes for blondes.

Anette was born blonde, then later she chose to stay blonde, and that is when her passion for blonde hair began. She says, ‘this range was almost pre-ordered from my first color choice when I was 18’. Anette began to notice how much time her friends, family and clients spent talking about their ‘blonde journeys’ so she became fascinated with transforming troubled hair into healthy blonde hair and turned that interest into a career as a demand stylist, educator and product tester in Europe and the US. ‘I have always loved the way women share tips and tricks for beauty’ says Anette.

Lene was also born a natural blonde. She's multi-talented, creative with a passion for communication and design and the years of focus on branding, makes her good at recognizing the difference between good and exceptional. Her early years as a model and later building a PR, model & communication agency gained her a lot of experience in knowing the needs for hair and styling of the numerous girls she was managing. Lene says ‘my journey with Omniblonde and listening to all the women’s stories has inspired me to visualise this feminine yet strong design, and to make sure this tone of voice will continue in our Omniblonde story around the globe’.

Why Omniblonde?

The pH level of each product plays an important role in the health of your hair.

The pH level specifies the acidity or basicity in our hair products. pH levels range from 1 to 14. Anything below 7 is considered acidic, and anything above 7 is alkaline.

Typically, human hair has a natural pH of 4.5 to 5.5. When we apply a product to your hair, the pH level in that product affects the hair. A high pH level in a product will open up the cuticle. A low pH level will help close it. The visual result of an open cuticle is dull lifeless looking hair.

The visual and physical properties of a closed cuticle will produce stronger, shinier hair. Basically, a closed cuticle will reflect light, giving shine to the hair.

We choose the pH levels in our products based on the purpose of each product. Our shampoos have pH 5.5 - 6.5 because we found this to be the optimum level for leaving the hair clean and healthy, while restoring ingredients stay effective. Our conditioners and treatments have low pH levels to close the hair, providing longer lasting colour, less frizz, and more moisture and shine.

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5 Key Pillars

were created by talking with all our blonde sisters
around the globe. What are blondes looking for
and missing in their hair routines?

Using these questions, we discovered the pillars
and created Omniblonde’s unique formulas that
make perfectly healthy blonde hair, without
any harmful ingredients.

  1. SHINE
  5. TONE

Omni Lightening Defense Complex®

Our Omni Lightening Defense Complex® is a next-generation technology for blonde hair care.

This unique formulation – developed exclusively for Omniblonde, targets damaged hair strands and treats this damage caused by bleaching, sun exposure, heat tools and other environmental aggressors.

Includes strong antioxidant properties. it works by strengthening both theinside and outside of each hair strand.

Binds to hair cuticles, repairing on the inside and offering protection on the outside.

It’s a triumph for blondes everywhere!