All about Iles Formula


Give your hair the care it deserves with professional products

Nourish, restore and protect your hair with salon-selected hair care products

What you treat your hair with can mean the difference between dull, lifeless hair and hair that truly shines and makes you feel great. It’s why as hair care professionals, we don’t use run-of-the-mill highstreet brands when it comes to taking care of our client’s hair.

We carefully select leading salon brands that we’ve tried, tested and trust. It’s why we’ve chosen OLAPLEX and Iles Formula.

But what is so different about these brands?

It’s the quality of the ingredients they use. It’s the rigorous testing they employ. It’s the technological innovation they invest in.

All of this results in the very best formulas to support, nourish and protect your hair. So whatever hairstyle you’re sporting, when you use our salon-selected hair care products, you can look forward to hair that looks and feels good.

Founded by renowned industry hairstylist Wendy Iles, Iles Formula is dedicated to creating high-performance hair care products that deliver results from the very first use. These powerful formulations were designed with hair repair in mind, as Wendy had seen one too many times the tortured hair of celebrities after countless red carpets hairstyles.

Iles Formula is based on a 3-step high-performance hair system that uses proprietary high-grade ingredients that Wendy herself has personally sourced from across the globe. It's why we're proud to stock Iles Formula shampoo, conditioner, revive spray, serum and masque.